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Because you should not have to compromise between reliability and efficiency

Tutor will help you setup an Open edX learning platform for your university, your school or your company. Open edX is feature-packed, modular and highly scalable, but you don't have be an Open edX expert to keep track of all the bugfixes, security announcements and new releases. Leave that job to us. Tutor comes with state-of-the-art documentation, an intuitive plugin-driven system and a transparent, Docker-based deployment environment that makes it easy to install, debug, customize and upgrade Open edX platforms.

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Save time

Get started in minutes, not days

Your system administrators are busy, and they don't want to spend more than a few minutes setting up Open edX. That's OK: with our world-famous one-click install, they will set up a clean, full-featured, Docker-based Open edX platform in less than 10 minutes.

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Get your costs under control

Lots of users? No problem.

Tutor helps you run Open edX on your own servers, at a fixed cost that does not depend on how many users register on your platform. You can get started with an 8Gb server for as little as $40/month (DigitalOcean, Linode). When your platform becomes a hit, you can always upgrade your server to add more capacity.

Usually, managing your own servers means increased operational costs. Not with Tutor: because it is reliable and easy to operate, you will spend time on creating your courses, not on managing your server.

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Go with the best learning platform on the market

You can't go wrong with Open edX

Open edX is a free, open source learning platform used by MIT, Stanford, the French Government and Microsoft (among others). Do you need something that these platforms don't? Open edX is open source software written in Python and can be extended in many different ways.

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Open edX plus Tutor is love

We got your back

Move fast and break things: that's OK

Getting into Open edX can be daunting: it's a huge, fast-moving code base with many moving parts. At first, it can scare even the most senior developers -- we get it, we've been there, too. We have more than seven years of experience working on Open edX and we have become experts at deploying, debugging and improving the platform. You can book with us live screensharing sessions where we will troubleshoot your issues together, so you don't have to spend weeks banging your head on obscure problems.

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Be future-proof

Build your project on rock-solid foundations

Deploying a learning platform is just the start: you should plan ahead for upgrades, new features and scaling up. With Tutor, you will always be one click away from upgrading your platform and installing the latest security patches. Features can be added as simple Tutor plugins -- always in one click of course. And because you own your servers, you can always take your data with you and switch to a better hosting provider.

Open edX release support stops the day the next release comes out, but Tutor LTS comes with 2 years of support for older releases, leaving you with plenty of time to upgrade your platform.

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Committed to open source

The hype is real.

Don't get trapped in vendor lock-in: Tutor is open source and guarantees the four freedoms of free software. With Tutor you will always be able to run your own platform on your own server, on your own terms.

For us, open source is not just a marketing pitch: it's a choice that defines our entire approach. As software engineers, we understand that reliability requires trust, and trust means open source. This is why all our software is open source, and always will be.

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