Android application plugin for Tutor

This is a plugin to easily build an Android mobile application for your Open edX instance.


tutor plugins install android


Enable the plugin and start the platform:

tutor plugins enable android
tutor local launch

The .apk file will then be available for download at http(s)://mobile.LMS_HOST/app.apk. When running locally, this will be: You can forward this address to your students for download.

Building a custom Android app

The Android app is built from the official openedx-app-android repository. To change this repository or the app version, you can simply build a different docker image with:

tutor images build \
    --build-arg ANDROID_APP_REPOSITORY= \
    --build-arg ANDROID_APP_VERSION=master \

Alternatively, you can build an image from a local checked-out fork of openedx-app-android:

tutor mounts add /path/to/openedx-app-android
tutor local launch
Making courses visible in app

By default, courses are not visible in the mobile app. To make them available, go to Studio → YOUR COURSE → Settings → Advanced Settings and set Mobile Course Available to true.

Releasing an Android app

Note: this is an untested feature.

Releasing an Android app on the Play Store requires to build the app in release mode. To do so, modify the following Tutor settings:

tutor config save \
  --set ANDROID_RELEASE_STORE_PASSWORD=yourstorepassword \
  --set ANDROID_RELEASE_KEY_PASSWORD=yourreleasekeypassword \
  --set ANDROID_RELEASE_KEY_ALIAS=yourreleasekeyalias \

Then, place your keystore file in $(tutor config printroot)/env/plugins/android/build/app/config/app.keystore. Finally, rebuild the image by starting the "android-app" container:

tutor local start -d android-app
Customising the Android app

Customising the application, such as the logo or the background image, is currently not supported. If you are interested by this feature, please tell us about it in the Tutor discussion forums.


This Tutor plugin is maintained by Régis Behmo from Overhang.IO. Community support is available from the official Open edX forum. Do you need help with this plugin? See the troubleshooting section from the Tutor documentation.


This software is licensed under the terms of the AGPLv3.