Figures plugin for Tutor

Figures is a data retrieval and reporting app for Open edX; this is a plugin for Tutor that allows quick and easy integration in an Open edX platform. It works both locally and on a Kubernetes-based platform.


This plugin was developed and open sourced to the community thanks to the generous support of E-ducation. Thank you!


This plugin requires tutor>=3.5.0. Also, you should have installed tutor from source, and not from a pre-compiled binary.

pip install tutor-figures

Then, to enable this plugin, run:

tutor plugins enable figures

You will have to re-generate the environment and rebuild the "openedx" docker image:

tutor config save
tutor images build openedx

You will then have to run LMS migrations. To do so, run:

tutor local init

This last step is unnecessary if you run instead tutor local quickstart.

You should then be able to access the Figures dashboard at http://<your lms host>/figures. On a local instance, you should be able to access it at http://localhost/figures.